About Fine Fitness

Fine Fitness is a blog that helps you realize about your life and everything around it. Even the smallest thing can harm your body. But sometimes all we need is few tips and tricks to improve our health to keep a steady life. That's why I’ve decided to create Fine Fitness. To provide you with correct and simple instruction to improve and keep a steady healthy life.

Fine Fitness is not only about health, but it is also about Anatomy, Medicine, Ayurveda, Foods, Yoga & Counseling, Happiness and Meditation too.

This site does not represent any religion or culture. Anyone from any nation or any religion can visit this site and take advices. 

If you have any health related problems, you can ask them from me, or send me an Email to get some valuable advises and yoga methods.

If you wish to get more advises or instructions about your health problems, there is a way to contact me. Just send me an email. But remember I can only give you advises and instructions through yoga and my own personal experience. I can't promise you that I can cure you. But I will try to help you in any way I can.

Thank You
Sam Irosh


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