Wasantha Manamperi

Wasantha Manamperi who I most admirable person, is an engineer in his profession. But i don't have a word to explain him because he don't have any label to describe him. Once he said me that he was not yogist, martial artist or whatever, and he said " I am just a simple person who is thinking freely".

Wasantha Manamperi was (is) my teacher, my friend, and like a father. He showed me ways to live without worrying. He showed me the reality of life and value of simplicity. I remember, once we went to visit a waterfall, it was so beautiful, we are talking and discussing about many many fields and about human behavior, he said me, " Do you know Nero who was the king playing a lute while burning down his country "Rome"?, He was correct at that time. If he had not any choices to save his country or if he had already sent particular persons and stuff. it has nothing, could get from worrying and crying.". It made me to think different.

He help me to improve this site and he advice me when he  get chance to visit this site. Wasantha Manamperi is the person who I've ever seen such as so simple.

His Youtube page.

Watch this videos for further knowledge.


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