Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Respiratory System

The Respiratory System:

Our respiratory system brings air (oxygen) into our body and removes carbon dioxide and other toxins from our body. The nose, windpipe (trachea) and lungs are the main parts of our respiratory system. The windpipe, which begins from our throat and goes down. Branches into two tubes (bronchi or bronchial tubes) that go to the two lungs. In our lungs these two tubes further branch off into smaller and smaller tubes that finally end in the tiny air sack (alveoli), of the lungs. Our lungs, which have millions of these tiny air sacks (alveoli) are like balloons that fill up with air when we breathe in, and partially empty of air when we breathe out. During this process some air always remains in the lungs.

Most of us breathe because it automatically happens to us. But what goes on behind our breathe is very delicate process. When we breathe in, the air enters through our nose or mouth follows the above mentioned path, and the oxygen passes through the walls of the tiny air sacks and blood vessels and enters our blood stream. At the same time, carbon dioxide and other toxic gases pass into the lungs (to the alveoli) from the blood and are removed from our body through the same path when we breathe out next.

Oxygen is an important nutrient that our body uses in large amounts. We cannot live more than a few minutes without oxygen. The carbon dioxide that the lungs remove from our body (from the blood) is toxin (a poison). Large amount of carbon dioxide are continuously produced by the cells of our body as a type of waste (during the process of metabolism).

So, if our lungs and respiratory system are weak, our body will not get as much oxygen as it always needs. This will affect the proper working of all our body organs. Also, when our lungs are weak, they will not be able to remove carbon dioxide and other toxins from our blood as quickly as normal. This will result in our body having too many toxins, which may give us unnecessary health problems.

Therefore you can easily understand how things like smoking, mosquito coils, air pollution etc can affect the delicate function of our respiratory organs. Through these acts we take more poisons into our body instead of removing the poisons we are already have in our body.

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