Sam Irosh

Hi I am Sam Irosh and I am 25 years old Sri lankan, This is my first site that I made myself. Here you can read my story.

I was suffering from Gastritis severely and I was so weak. I couldn't do any hard working. That was a big pain splitting over my head. Sometimes I was working with a heavy headache. Headache was my closest thing and the foe... But I was really fond of practicing martial arts. I was practicing Wing Chun Kung Fu and Muay Thai (I am still a student).

Later I found some information from books about ancient art of Yoga. I tried to practice those steps, which was on those books. I got little bit advantages from practicing those steps, but I didn't have better intention of yoga. But I was searching and reading about it. Finally I got a book called " Yoga For Health by Wasantha Manamperi ". I phoned to Mr. Wasantha who wrote that book, finally I was lucky to meet him and practice under him. After few weeks, It was amazing to tell you, I got rid of those pains and weaknesses.

I am really glad to thank him to make me understandable of yoga and even the lifestyle. He showed me some ways to live without worrying and disturbing others.

I made this site for you to get some benefit  from the site. If you have any inquiries, advice and request please send me to below email.

Thank you very much
Sam Irosh

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